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Business Writing online course

Become a more confident – and effective – writer

A business writing course that’s engaging as well as practical

Learn how to write clearly, concisely and more persuasively – whether it’s for reports, briefs, emails, proposals or general communications.

Unlike other courses that focus too much on theory, this is a practical business writing course that will teach you skills and techniques you can immediately apply to your work.

It explains how to improve your writing in plain English – and is filled with plenty of exercises so you can immediately practice what you’ve just learnt.

Study at your own pace

This Business Writing online course is equivalent to a full-day workshop, with six sessions that each take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half (plus you can pause whenever you want).

You will receive:

  • a handbook that covers essential writing tips and techniques (will be given as a PDF)
  • a certificate of completion (given as a PDF)
  • unlimited access to the course so you can repeat it as many times as you want
  • a 20% discount on all my other training packages, including one-on-one sessions.

Price: $95 US dollars.

What will you learn in this online business writing course?

This course isn’t just about learning how to write better sentences. It’s about becoming a better communicator – and about learning how to get your message across so people will pay attention.

By the time you finish it, you’ll not only know how to make your writing sing but you’ll also see writing in a whole different way.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • write with the audience in mind
  • plan and clarify your writing
  • use the right tone and style
  • write professionally in plain English
  • write short, sharp and snappy sentences
  • write in the active voice (and know when to use the passive)
  • use positive phrasing
  • format your writing to make it easier to read
  • write in the inverted pyramid style
  • structure and frontload your writing
  • show, don’t tell (except when you need to)
  • deliver bad news
  • write different kinds of content, including business emails, letters, reports, briefs, tenders and grants
  • use the power of three to make your writing more persuasive
  • avoid negative bias
  • use style guides
  • avoid common grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • proofread your own work
  • write great headlines.

Taught by an experienced trainer with over 25 years of experience

Most business writing courses are either taught by journos with no business experience or by people who don’t have a strong writing background.

I offer the best of both worlds – I used to be a senior editor and journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald who then worked for a wide range of organisations, where I had to write everything from board papers and tenders to reports and briefs.

I’ve also taught business writing courses to a wide range of organisations, from finance and real estate firms to universities and government departments.

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a clear, helpful guide to business writing.”

Christy Tesoriero – Macquarie University

“I got a lot out of this business writing course and have recommended it to others in my organisation. Thank you so much.”

Maryse Romano